Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht

1964-1998 online open access, from 1999 via Jura and Jurisquare

TPR-Exchange Chairs

Since 1998 the association TPR awards one or more exchange chairs. Since 1999, two chairs are awarded annually to allow Belgian c.q. Dutch academics to teach and research in residence at a law school in the Netherlands c.q. Belgium. Since 2012, on the instigation of prof. Jean Sonnekus, there is an annual chair for an academic from the Low Countries to teach and research in South Africa, or vice versa.

During the time in residence, the holder of the chair gives a number of lectures for law students and a public inaugural lecture (in Dutch or Afrikaans). TPR covers travel and residence costs for an amount of 3750 euro and another 3750 euro royalties for the publication of the inaugural lecture in the journal.

The deans of the law schools receive every year a call to be distributed among the academics, so that the latter can apply.

chair holder residence
Bram Akkermans U. Maastricht 2017-2018 KU Leuven
Chris Jansen VU Amsterdam 2017-2018 U. Hasselt
Reinhard Steennot U.Gent 2016-2017 U.v.Amsterdam
Stefaan Voet KU Leuven 2016-2017 U.Utrecht
Liesbeth Enneking U.Utrecht 2015-2016 KU Leuven
Matthias Haentjens U.Leiden 2015-2016 U.Gent
Wouter Devroe KU Leuven 2014-2015 Radboud Nijmegen
Piet Taelman U.Gent 2014-2015 U.Tilburg
Xandra Kramer Erasmus Rotterdam 2013-2014 KU Leuven
Jan Smits U.Maastricht 2013-2014 U.Gent
Bert Demarsin KU Leuven 2012-2013 Radboud Nijmegen
Frederik Swennen U.Antwerpen 2012-2013 U.Utrecht
Bart Krans Erasmus Rotterdam 2011-2012 U.Gent
Willem Van Boom Erasmus Rotterdam 2011-2012 KU Leuven
Gerd Verschelden U.Gent 2010-2011 UvA Amsterdam
Evelyne Terryn KU Leuven 2010-2011 UvA Amsterdam
Wendy Schrama U.Utrecht 2009-2010 U.Antwerpen
Krijn Haak Erasmus Rotterdam 2009-2010 KU Leuven
Ilse Samoy KU Leuven 2008-2009 U.Utrecht
François Gerkens U.Liège 2008-2009 U.Maastricht
Erik Vermeulen U.Tilburg 2007-2008 U.Gent
Freek Schols Radboud Universiteit 2007-2008 U.Gent
Patrick Wautelet U.Liège 2006-2007 U.Maastricht
Dirk Heirbaut U.Gent 2006-2007 U.Utrecht
Vincent Sagaert KU Leuven 2006-2007 U.Utrecht
Eltjo Schrage UvA Amsterdam 2005-2006 KU Leuven
Paul Vonken Radboud Universiteit 2005-2006 U.Gent
Marleen Denef KU Leuven 2004-2005 VU Amsterdam
Alois Van Oevelen U.Antwerpen 2004-2005 RU Groningen
Rob Van Gestel U.Tilburg 2003-2004 KU Brussel
Martha Muntjewerff UvA Amsterdam 2003-2004 VUB Brussel
Ingrid Boone U.Gent 2002-2003 U.Leiden
Filip Dorssement U.Antwerpen 2002-2003 U.Utrecht
Siewert Lindenbergh Erasmus Rotterdam 2001-2002 U.Gent
Remco Van Rhee U.Maastricht 2001-2002 U.Gent
Yves-Henri Leleu U.Liège 2000-2001 Radboud Nijmegen
Caroline Van Schoubroeck KU Leuven 2000-2001 UvA Amsterdam
André Nuytinck Radboud Nijmegen 1999-2000 KU Leuven
Carla Sieburgh RU Groningen 1999-2000 KU Leuven
Bernard Tilleman KU Leuven 1998-1999 U.Tilburg

Exchange Chair South Africa

chair holder residence
Maurice Adams U.Tilburg 2017-2018 Universiteit Stellenbosch
Koen Swinnen EURotterdam 2017-2018 Noordwes Potchefstroom
Marius de Waal Universiteit Stellenbosch 2016-2017 KU Leuven
Gerd Verschelden U.Gent 2015-2016 Universiteit Stellenbosch
Engela Schlemmer Wits University 2014-2015 U.Antwerpen
André van der Walt Universiteit Stellenbosch 2014-2015 KU Leuven en U.Maastricht
Anne Keirse U.Utrecht 2013-2014 Universiteit Vrijstaat Bloemfontein
Susan Scott UNISA Pretoria 2012-2013 KU Leuven & Radboud Nijmegen
Kris Bernauw UGent 2011-2012 Universiteit Johannesburg